Sunday, December 31, 2017

Disappointing DNA Results? #gagenealogy #georgiapioneers

Disappointing DNA Results? 

DNAEssentially, the current fad of having one's DNA tested is mostly for entertainment purposes. The techniques searches for similarities in the genetic markers between two biological samples. The more closely related two people are, it is likely that they are related. If the police, for example, are searching for such a similarity, it easy to determine if there is not a match. The current trend of testing compares markers (of living persons) around the world. That is how theresults come up with such as "20% Irish" etc. Although it is interesting to determine if one is Cherokee Indian, Irish, Scottish, etc., the genealogist can achieve better results. This is because one traces the ancestors from ports of embarkation to other countries, and examines vital records, cemetery stones, county records (marriages, deeds, tax digests, wills, estates, etc.) The written records serve to prove a more accurate genealogy. Everyone has family stories passed down through the generations. I have discovered that such stories have very little accuracy attached to them. However, you can discover an Irish relative by tracing them from Antrim! Or, Scottish ancestors by tracking them from the Scottish Isles. Also, there are distinct histories of the trails which people ventured down before they settled. In this respect, maps of old wilderness roads, combined with the names of persons who drew land grants and settled among others from the same country, assist to better understand and discover more clues. 

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