Thursday, December 21, 2017

Inferior Court Records are Important to Finding Ancestors #gagenealogy #gaancestors #georgiapioneers

Inferior Court Records are Important to Finding Ancestors 

Van Wert ChurchThe records kept at court houses are invaluable to discovering the ancestors. That is because the records include written evidence into the affairs of families. Written, signed and witnessed. That is why a thorough examination of all of those books is so important. Old wills and estates include the names of neighbors, friends and relatives. Those are the neighbors, signing and witnessing. Deeds, Marriages, Wills, Inventories, Sales, Annual Returns, Tax Digests, etc. should be examined. Inferior Court Minutes is an interesting book which contains records of those called to work on roads, descriptions of places, local politics, neighbors, etc. There is a certain feel of the past when reading the entire record concerning everyone in the neighborhood. An examination of local graveyards provides even more data, and if we look closely, there are clues as to whom the daughters married. 

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