Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monuments Help us to Remember #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneers

Monuments Help us to Remember

General Joseph Johnston StatueThe statue of General Johnston is located on private property along Harper House Road one quarter mile east of the Bentonville Battlefield Visitor's center. How many names, places and dates can you remember from the last five years? How about 10, or 100? When I was growing up, the rule was that we needed to hear something seven times before remembering. School itself was a repetitive experience of reviewing past historical events, people, places and dates. Archaeologists have dug? up ancient stalags and stones along the Nile as well as in South America which defined the life-style, yet written in languages no longer used today. In South America, the writings marked the names of rulers, and dates. Only, it was until after 1970s that important break-throughs were made in the translations. It seems as though mankind has always attempted to leave his mark. Not to mention cities, roads and vessels found buried in the seas of the world. Modern machinery and technology is able to detect impressions in the landscape, shapes and locate ancient settlements. The population of today is 7.6 billion people. That is to say, the descendants of Noah and his three sons. Consider how much more of the past has gone undiscovered! Despite our work at preservation, there are always wars, fires and other events which destroy records. Thus, it would seem that stone monuments is a ready means of preserving details which are soon forgotten. The monuments found while touring of parks and other historical sites helps to joggle our memory, just as school lessons once did. 

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