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Quakers into Georgia

Wrightsboro ChurchMost of quakers who settled in Wrightsboro came from Virginia and North Carolina. As families moved about, they went from one Meeting House to another. Some just seemed to follow their families into new territory. Such was the case of Richard Austin of Pittsylvania County, Virginia who joined his friends in Wrightsboro about 1770. This was during the year during which the quakers were formulating in Georgia. For those researching quakers, it is necessary to peruse all of the volumes the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy by Hinshaw because this great work includes those who went from Meeting House to Meeting House and State to State and it is a record their births, deaths and baptisms. The to boundary changes, the records of Wrightsboro are found in Richmond, Columbia and McDuffie Counties. Today, that area is known as Thomson, Georgia. If you follow the deed descriptions with particular attention to the creeks and rivers as well the names of the adjoining landowners, it is easy to discern the neighborhood. 

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    Testators: Ansley, Elam; Bacon, Nicholas C.; Barton, Willoughby; Bolton, Benjamin F.; Cason, John F.;Collins, Louisa;Davis, Elisha;Dozier, James F.;Faucett, Anderson;Gerald, Mary;Goins, Nancy;Hamilton, Thomas;Hampton, Henry;Hampton, Preston;Holzendorf, George H.;Ivie, James A.;Johnson, Amos;Lazenby, John M.;May, John;McGehee, Samuel; McKinney, Henry;McLean, William;Neal, James; Odum, Margaret;Paschall, Short;Printup, Jacob;Watson, Thomas;West. Eliza.

    McDuffie County Wills (abstracts) 1886 to 1930 

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