Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Easier Road to Genealogy #ancestors #georgiapioneers

The Easier Road to Genealogy

scenic roadAn easier method of tracing ancestors is available should one study the history of the times. Sure, there are the standard history books. However, those books provided in schools, libraries and elsewhere do not begin to describe the history of any given era. Because it is the people themselves who make history. A few characters who fought in the Revolutionary War or made laws, does not begin to describe the real history! The key is to find the old neighborhood. In other words, where the families resided, neighbors and friends who witnessed their deeds, married their daughters, and labored on farms, developing a better way of life. One can learn the names of ancestors, but what did those people accomplish and who were they? County records provide interesting answers but to glean the details one must examine every possible record! 

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