Friday, December 29, 2017

The Preservation of Family Assets #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneers

Inheritances: the Preservation of Family Assets

mourning dressIt is amazing what can be learned concerning people who lived in the past. Because they did not have modern technology to plow the gardens, build the cities and educate the children is not an indication that they were simple people. Since its founding, this country has endured difficult times. Brave people crossed the seas and built a new world from "scratch." And, amazingly, while the mother country was adding more burdens to their struggles with punishing tariffs during an era when the cost of nails and window panes (for example) for house building were at a premium to transport, this people fought for representation. When they traded with the Dutch, the English forbade it and collected tariffs before the captain went ashore. It is old records and documents which reveal the struggles of colonial living. Inventories of estates count stacks of planed wood taken down off old buildings and stored for later use. Also, bricks, nails and other hardware which carried a premium import price. Funeral items such as gloves, rings and clothing were inherited. Colonialists made use of natural materials and did not throw anything away! And because of diligent conservation, they built homes, communities and towns. 

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