Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Trial of Bolleltor Thurman #scgenealogy #scwills #scancestors #southcarolinapioneersnet

The Trial of Bolleltor Thurmond

"Columbia, S. C., August 3. The trial of Bolleltor Thurmond for killing Will Harris on March 24th last was begun in Edgefield today. The jury was selected without trouble. The deense put in the plea of self-defense. The Attorney General is conducting the prosecution in person, assisted by General M. C. Butler. Only once in decades has the attorney-general conducted a murder trial - that of the Englefield lynchers in 1886 (field Green, Egham, Middlesex)." Source: Tallapoosa Inquirer, August 4, 1897; Remarkable Rogues, by Charles Kingston concerning The Careers of Some Notable Criminals of Europe and America; Second Edition.

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