Friday, January 12, 2018

A Hope Chest and Choose the Proper Husband 

cedar chestWhile young girls collected tea napkins, linens and other precious items as their dowry, parents perused the neighborhood for suitable husbands. It was considered shameful to divorce, and since the man was responsible for the care of his wife and all debts, it was important to selected what was known as a proper husband. He must be moral, responsible and dependable. My grandmother tells the story of how she favored a certain young man. However, the boy was rather sickly, and her parents worried that he would not live long enough to care for her. Ironically, as it happens, she married another fellow (my grandfather). Grandfather had only a third-grade education which was considerated adequate for any type of employment in those days. He worked at the Fulton Cotton Mill along with his neighbors whose families had removed from the farm to the city after the Civil War to get work. A good man earning a penance and faithful to his job, he attended the repairs around the house. The feared early death occurred when he was in his early forties, when he fell from the roof while repairing it. In those days there was no social security retirement income. My grandmother lived 35 years after that, couched in a little house, renting out rooms, and saving pennies. 

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