Sunday, January 28, 2018

Answers are a Long Time in Coming #virginiagenealogy #virginiafamilies #virginiapioneersnet

Answers are a Long Time in Coming

grandmotherSometimes many years must past before important answers to problems are discovered. No one gets immediate answers, especially to difficult issues. No one finds immediate happiness or gets rich over night. The same is true of genealogy. And there is a reason. We must delve into the issues and solve problems ourselves for it to take hold of our memories. It usually takes deep thought, but mostly questions. How can I find John Smith in 1790? We might want to kick ourselves in the pants for not being still and listening to the reflections of our grandparents as they relived the past. And someday, if we are not careful, our grandchildren will do the same. Before then, perhaps we can pass on some of what we learned while tracing the ancestors.

New Additions to 8 Genealogy Websites:
  • New Additions to 8 Genealogy Websites:
    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1722 to 1749
    • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1722 to 1749 (second index)
    • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1749 to 1760
    Images of Wills 1722 to 1749
    • Allen, Thomas
    • Blake, John
    • Ellis, Robert
    • Goodloe, Henry
    • Grayson, Ambrose
    • Hollady, John
    • Leavil, Edward
    • Martin, John
    • Morris, Thomas
    • Samuel, Anthony
    • Taylor, James
    Images of Wills 1749 to 1760
    • Allan, John
    • Allen, Elizabeth
    • Barnes, Thomas
    • Battaley, Mary
    • Bullard, Ambrose
    • Carr, William
    • Carter, Joseph
    • Chew, John
    • Childs, Richard
    • Collins, Joseph
    • Collins, Thomas
    • Fox, John
    • Garton, Uriah
    • Gilbert, John
    • Goodloe, Elizabeth
    • Gordon, John
    • Hawkins, Nicholas
    • Herndon, Edward
    • Hunter, William
    • Lynn, William
    • Mathis, Benjamin
    • Matthews, William
    • Minor, John
    • Minor, William
    • Moor, Robert
    • Musick, George
    • Pollard, Ame
    • Procter, William
    • Pulliam, Thomas
    • Rawlins, James
    • Reeves, George
    • Shepard, George
    • Spotswood, John
    • Stubblefield, George
    • Taliaferro, Francis
    • Thomas, Owen
    • Thornton, Francis
    • Waller, Dorothy
    • Waller, John
    • Waller, William
    • Warren, Elizabeth
    • Warren, Thomas
    • White, Agnes
    and Images of Wills 1761 to 1772 (names not listed due to space)

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