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Fighters of Cherokee Indians

CherokeesWilliam McGarity, Sr. of Chester District, South Carolina was a volunteer under Captain Patton and claimed to have defeated the Tories and Indians at Reddy River under the command of Colonel Cunningham. He was transferred and put under the command of General Wilkinson and crossed the Savannah River to fight the Tories and Indians. Then returned to South Carolina to fight in the battle of Stono. He served under Captain McClure in a scrimmage with the Tories at Beckhamsvill where he received a slight wound in the arm. He was at the battle of Williamson old place where Hood and Ferguson was defeated he then joined General Sumpter was at the battle at Rocky mount he was then in five days at the battle of hanging rock we then marched down the side of the wateree river till we heard of Gates defeat we then retreated back was sent out by Sumpter to destroy the houses at Rocky Mount which prevented your petitioner from being at the battle of Fishing Creek where Sumpter was surprised he then took his family and moved them into North Carolina for safety, then returned back rejoined General Sumpter was at the battle of the fishdam ford on broad river where we defeated the british tories in a few days was in the battle at Blackstock on tiger river where General Sumpter was wounded he then returned home and moved his family from North Carolina home; in the year 1781 he turned out under Captain Hannah and joined General Green a the old cross roads and marched to Orangeburgh against the british under Lord Roden who was entrenched so strongly he was then sent in a small detachment to the quarter house near Charleston where we had a scrimmage with the british and negroes he then marched to Gigen church when the british found us approaching they burnt the church and retreated we then followed them to Quinby Bridge where we overtook them and had a scrimmage with them, he then returned home and in the year 1782 he turned out and went to Orangeburgh and remained there three months and returned home which is the last tour that he was out.

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