Saturday, January 20, 2018

Genealogy Questions Must be Answered #virginiapioneersnet #vaanacestors

Questions Must be Answered

colonial familyIn Colonial Virginia landowners were in the necessary business of developing plantations as well as participating in civic affairs. Court Minutes reflect tons of interesting details. As all males over 21 years of age were required to do road work, notes are found concerning land marks and names of adjoining neighbors. Tithing was also required (tobacco) and participation in road improvements throughout the parish. Parish registers may not always locate a birth or marriage; yet it contains minute details surrounding the church grounds. For example, one can read the details of land "processioning" and, along with county tax records, figure out the location of family plantations. The tax digests will provide such information as rivers, timbers, and acreage, and the names of adjoining neighbors. If you are able to travel there and walk the land, real time visualization finds unopened doors to the past. There are many things to see in the landscape. Not only old dilapidated churches, but sinking graves, sunken tombstones, but the cause of death. Communities suffered epidemics of yellow fever, whooping cough, measles, etc., all reflected on the tombstones. In other words, a keen observation of the landscape and its almost unnoticeable lifestyles spread before your eyes, prompts questions. And questions must be answered. 

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