Saturday, January 27, 2018

Junk Genealogy is Clogging the Internet #virginiafamilies #virgiiniapioneersnet

Junk Genealogy is Clogging the Internet

junkEvery genealogist is aware of errors in tracing families. One must try and avoid these errors just as they do "fake news." This is done by not accepting the work of another person until we ourselves check the records. Should they list the resources, then one simply double-checks to discern if there was a proper analysis of the facts. A much more glaring place to get junk genealogy is in the pedigree charts offered by various websites. If there is a means of preventing others (or the system) from adding the ancestors of other people to your chart, do it! Or, do not use the chart system which is offered. Most genealogists dig many long years for answers and become quite familiar with their families.

New Additions to 8 Genealogy Websites:
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1722 to 1749
  • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1722 to 1749 (second index)
  • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1749 to 1760
Images of Wills 1722 to 1749
  • Allen, Thomas
  • Blake, John
  • Ellis, Robert
  • Goodloe, Henry
  • Grayson, Ambrose
  • Hollady, John
  • Leavil, Edward
  • Martin, John
  • Morris, Thomas
  • Samuel, Anthony
  • Taylor, James
Images of Wills 1749 to 1760
  • Allan, John
  • Allen, Elizabeth
  • Barnes, Thomas
  • Battaley, Mary
  • Bullard, Ambrose
  • Carr, William
  • Carter, Joseph
  • Chew, John
  • Childs, Richard
  • Collins, Joseph
  • Collins, Thomas
  • Fox, John
  • Garton, Uriah
  • Gilbert, John
  • Goodloe, Elizabeth
  • Gordon, John
  • Hawkins, Nicholas
  • Herndon, Edward
  • Hunter, William
  • Lynn, William
  • Mathis, Benjamin
  • Matthews, William
  • Minor, John
  • Minor, William
  • Moor, Robert
  • Musick, George
  • Pollard, Ame
  • Procter, William
  • Pulliam, Thomas
  • Rawlins, James
  • Reeves, George
  • Shepard, George
  • Spotswood, John
  • Stubblefield, George
  • Taliaferro, Francis
  • Thomas, Owen
  • Thornton, Francis
  • Waller, Dorothy
  • Waller, John
  • Waller, William
  • Warren, Elizabeth
  • Warren, Thomas
  • White, Agnes
and Images of Wills 1761 to 1772 (names not listed due to space)

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