Monday, January 1, 2018

Notice the Name of the Clan Onboard a Shipload of Passengers from Scotland. Wow! #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneers

Flora MacDonald
Flora MacDonald

Notice the Name of the Clan Onboard a Shipload of Passengers from Scotland. Wow!

About 1775, a shipload of passengers from Scotland, mostly the MacDonald Clan which included the infamous Flora MacDonald (the one who hid bonny Prince Charles from the English). The Scots were escaping political persecution from the king. According to the North Carolina State Papers, they petitioned the Governor to grant them several thousand acres, so that they could settle there. The land grant was in Moore County. Thereafter, the American Revolution began, and the battle of Moore's Bridge was fought against the British, and won! Ironically, the Scots, who had been well-persecuted by the English, choose to fight on the side of Great Britain! Twice they had chosen wrongly. The first, supporting a Scottish king, and second, supporting England in its war against Americans. The result was that after the war the clan returned to their impoverished lands in Scotland! I traced the MacDonalds in Georgia to a boy 16 years of age in Moore County who wooed into service by the American troops, while his father ran off and hid in the woods. Finding North Carolina State Papers (and its boring accounts of official business) provided necessary clues back through the lineage. Thus, it behooves the genealogist to read all of the old correspondence of governors and statesmen in early times. It all matches with the history of the times.

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