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Read old Wills to Find Ancestors #georgiapioneers #familyhistory

Read the Old Wills to Find the Ancestors!

old Georgia WillsResearching County records is the single most important record for the genealogist. Think about his. Whenever you move into a new area, the first thing which you do is to make public records at the county court house. This is where the deed to your houae is recorded, you pay taxes, the children acquire marriage licenses, and finally, you file your estate or last will and testament. The will is your final story. It is where you provide the names of children and their spouses, grandchildren, wives, and other relatives. Should one die intestate, then there is no will, but there is an estate! An administrator is appointed, inventory taken, sale of estate items, and an annual return is filed for every year during which the estate is open, providing pay-outs to the heirs. The old wills of all kinfolk should be examined, because this is where to locate names of cousins, aunts, uncles, and even relatives in foreign countries.

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  • Early County GA Genealogy Resources
  • Early County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers 

    • Index to Early County Marriages 1823-1834
    • Index to Early County Marriages 1868-1889
    Digital Images of Early County Wills 1822-1832
    Testators: Broom, Thomas;Cole, Mark; Curry, Samuel; Gilley, John; Griffith, John; Holmes, Nathaniel; Jackson, Robert; Jackson, Samuel; Kelly, William; Liverman, Brown; McCulloh, Anthony ; McCulloh, Leonard; Porter, Benjamin; Sheffield, Isham ; Smith, Laden; Watson, Alexander
    Digital Images of Early County Wills 1839-1895
    Testators: Alexander, James; Alexander, Martin ;Averitt, Abner; Averitt, Ephaly ;Bailey, William ;Bird, James ;Bryan, Sylvanus ;Bryan, William ;Calhoun, James; Calhoun, William ;Chivers, Larkin ;Coley, Philip ;Collier, Benjamin ;Collier, John ;Cook, W. C. ;Crawford, Joel ;Deal, John ;Dill, Job ;Dixon, Jeremiah ;Douglass, Elisha ;Ford, William ;Freeman, James ;Gilbert, John ;Glenn, James ;Goocher, Milton ;Grier, Moses ;Griffin, William ;Grimsley, Joseph ;Grimsley, Lewis ;Grimsley, Sarah ;Grist, Martha ;Harrell, Jane ;Harris, Joshua ;Haynes, Thomas ;Hays, Mary ; Hightower, Joel ;Holmes, Richard ;Howell, Edward ;Hutchins, Anthony ;Hutchins, Henry ;Hutchins, Jefferson ;Johnson, Joshua ;Jones, Thomas ;Knight, William ;Lee, Clem; Lee, Zadock ;Lewis, Mathew ;Lundy, Mary ;Mercier, Elizabeth ;Mercier, George ;Odum, Charity ;Parramore, Susannah ;Perry, Elizabeth ;Perry, Joel; Pirkle, Richard ;Powell, Coleman ;Powell, Hiram ;Powers, Sarah ;Reese, Hillman ;Ritchie, James ;Robertson, James ;Sammons, William ;Sanders, Mark ;Shackelford, Harriet ;Shackelford, James ;Taylor, James Jones ;Temples, Frederick; Thompson, Robert; Wade, William ;Wilson, Solomon; Yeldell, Robert
    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Index to Early County Will Bk B, 1839-1895.
    • Index to Early County Will Bk 2, 1896-1941.
    Miscellaneous Wills
    • Estate of Bealer, Alex W. (1919) (image).

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