Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ship Wrecks were Common during 17th Century #virginiagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

Ship Wrecks were Common during 17th Century

Dover EnglandOur ancestors were pretty daring in crossing the seas to come to the American shores and establish colonies. Literally thousands of merchants ship wrecks transporting goods from Europe to America and the West Indies, were lost. Few have been discovered. One of the first supply ships which serviced the Virginia colony, the quot;Pinnace", belonging to the East India Company, was driven aground on the western rocks in the Isle of Sicily while homeward bound from Bantam to London. Some of the passengers were saved and made a second voyage to Java in 1621 and reported as "laid up" there as late as 1623. In August of 1618, the he English vessel, "Golden Wagon", was driven ashore and wrecked near Dover, Kent. Virginia Pioneers provides to its members a comprehensive database listing of the first colonists who came to Virginia (Origins), including information concerning voyages and supply vessels from England, merchant ships, privateers, estates mentioned in 17th century correspondence and Virginia county records. Discoveries include occupations, names of heirs and marriages, origin, travels and trade in the West Indies governing the English Laws and regulations concerning the economic industry in the colony. It mentions the names of both colonists and their European factors and some correspondence with the Virginia Company of London. An excellent place to search for hard-to-find adventurers and ancestors in the early days. Sources are varied and not those usually found by genealogists and researchers.

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