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Solving Genealogies by Reading the Old Wills #vagenealogy #vaancestors #findyourvaancestors #virginiapioneersnet

Solving Genealogies by Reading the Old Wills 

QuillRemember the days when we climbed on ladders to shuffle down dusty books all because it might help with finding ancestors? Or, the census microfilm which contained no indexes? And how tedious the search through dozens of census records to try and locate the family or just to find a clue? In those days, we examined the records of the county "thought" to be the residence, then circled the wagon in surrounding counties. For some reason, family history books rarely contained an index. Finally, county records began to be extracted and published. But the problem here is that one really needs to read the original document (rather than an abstract) because it contains so many little details helpful in discovering more clues. Yet few originals recorded by the clerks survived. Genealogical Societies have made good effort to restore the torn and smudged documents, however, because of this and colonial-style writing, they are not much help. However, one should not overlook this aspect of research. Instead, learning Latin phrases and colonial hand-writing will serve well to produce results. Like going to school all over again, we can learn the beautiful colonial script! Virginia Pioneers has done its best to acquire actual images of most of the old Virginia Wills, Estates, Inventories, Annual Returns, etc., which may be printed out or downloaded for later study. 

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  • Ancestors and Genealogies in Louisa Co. VA
  • Louisa County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

    • Marriages 1757 to 1856
    Digital Images of Wills 1745 to 1766
    • Belscher, Patrick
    • Buckner, Philip
    • Clark, Christopher
    • Cosby, John
    • Fleming, Robert
    • Harris, Benjamin
    • Johnson, John
    • Kimbro, William
    • Lea, Francis
    • Mackalester, William
    • Meriwether, Francis
    • Moorman, Elizabeth
    • Sumter, William
    • Terrill, Richard
    • Waddy, Samuel
    • Woodall, James
    • Yancy, Archelaus
    Digital Images of Wills 1767 to 1783
    • Anderson, David
    • Anderson, Pouncey
    • Arnett, James
    • Barrett, Charles
    • Belscher, Judy
    • Bibb, Benjamin Sr.
    • Bourn, William
    • Bunch, Samuel
    • Byars, John
    • Carr, John
    • Carr, John (2)
    • Carr, Samuel
    • Christmass, John
    • Chiles, John
    • Clark, Francis
    • Clark, Joseph
    • Cory, Edward
    • Cosby, David
    • Davis, John
    • Dickenson, Charles
    • East, Joseph
    • Fernham, Robert
    • Garland, Nathaniel
    • Garrett, William
    • Gooch, William
    • Glynn, Jeremiah
    • Hall, John
    • Hall, John
    • Henderson, Joseph
    • Henson, Richard
    • Hester, Robert
    • Hunter, Andrew
    • Jackson, William
    • Jones, Richard
    • Jones, Richard (2)
    • Jordan, Francis
    • Kingfield, Robert
    • Laurance, Elizabeth
    • Laurance, Henry
    • Lea, Ann
    • Lipscomb, Thomas
    • Lowry, William
    • McCullock, Elizabeth
    • Moore, John
    • Parish, Jolley
    • Paulet, Thomas
    • Pettus, John
    • Poindexter, Christian
    • Smith, Charles
    • Smith, James Jr.
    • Statham, Love
    • Tait, John
    • Tate, James
    • Terrill, Richmond
    • Terry, James
    • Thomason, George
    • Thomson, Thomas
    • Thomson, Wilson
    • Trumyear, William
    • Venable, Abraham
    • Waddy, Mary
    • Wadkins, John
    • Whitlock, Thomas
    • Woodleif, Catherine
    • Wright, Richard
    • Yancey, Robert
    • Sims, William-Last Will and Testament

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