Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Rusty Tractor in the Yard

old tractorAs the terrain continues to change on this earth, its impact is visible in local neighbors, towns and cities. Yet as buildings and town homes are demolished to make way for the new generation, the countryside lies dismally deserted waiting for families to return to the old farm house and gin up the tractor. The land which once bore crops and herded animals is plaintively unnourished and rises with wind storms to fly afield. The impression is that the labors of its residents sank into poverty and dispair. Why didn't someone protect the old tractor from rusting in the yard? In the day of my grandmother people moved to the cities to acquire work. The War Between the States had left its treacherous scar upon the South. The troops of General Sherman had pilfered and ravaged everything of value, from farm animals and crops to precious heirlooms. Carpet baggers (Northerners) crawled the land like lice, scooping up properties for the price of back taxes. Aging parents could hire former slaves to work the place, but there was no money. As depicted in the scenery, agriculture went the way of the wind! 

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    Images of Wills 1847 to 1867
    Names of Testators: Adams, John Q.;Adams, Leven; Adams, William;Bealle, James;Bealle, William;Bothwell, Davis; Bridges, Joseph;Bridges, William;Brown, Brinkley;Buckelew, James;Bullock, Irwin;Butler, Matthew;Cato, Benjamin;Collins, Henry;Culpepper, Joel;Daniel, Isaac;Daniel, Noah;Fenn, Elizabeth;Fenn, Henry;Gammage, James;Hammond, John;Harvard, Stephen;Higdon, Charles;Hodges, Elbert;Johnson, Solomon; Jones, Donald;Lasseter, Shemuel;Lester, James;Lewis, James; Lock, Joseph;Mayo, Harmon;Olliff, Benjamin;Pipkins, Moses; Powers, John H.;Rea, Elizabeth;Rowell, Oliver;Royal, Hardy; Royal, John C.;Royal, John;Rutland, Blake; Sheppard, Mathew; Smith, John; Staley, Elizabeth Ann; Stephens, Richard;Thompson, E. W.; Truluck, John; Ward, David; Webb, Benjamin; Wood, John; Wright, Henry; Youbanks, Jane

    Abstracts of Wills 1849 to 1931.

    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Annual Returns, Vouchers, Bk 2, 1855 to 1859.
    • Annual Returns, Vouchers, Bk I, 1847 to 1854.
    • Wills, Bk A, 1847 to 1901.
    • Marriages 1847 to 1852.

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