Monday, January 22, 2018

The Year of Probate Defines Many Clues #georgiapioneers #gagenealogy

The Year of Probate Defines Many Clues

1918 Haynes CarThe Haynes automobile was sold by car dealers during 1918. This was during a raging war in Europe which the United States had joined only a year earlier. Perhaps it is a reflection of how the home land continues to develope new ideas. Local court houses continued to do their job as documents were filed. Wills filed by the county clerk reflect the date of probate, not the date of the last will and testament itself. One can figure that the actual death occurred within two to three days within which it was filed. The heirs usually filed as soon as possible in order to facilitate and pay for the funeral. Still, one may sometimes expect a long rage of dates in the will book, despite its title. For example, Book D 1798 to 1800 could actually contain wills dating from 1776 to 1810. It is simply a matter of who recorded them at the time.

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