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War of 1812 Records for Georgia #georgiapioneers #ancestors #genealogy

Pension Records of Soldiers from Georgia Who Served in the War of 1812

War of 1812
  • Barnes, James of Bartow Co., GA
  • Burch, Jarrett, SC Militia, Towns Co., GA
  • Coney, John, GA
  • Favor or Favour, William of AL, GA, TX
  • Hill, William B., Monroe Co., GA
  • Long, Lunsford of Fulton Co., GA
  • Murdock, J. R. of Chattooga Co., GA
  • Phillips, John W. of Butts Co., GA
  • Veal, James of Stone Mountain
  • Wright, Sharpe
Georgia Brigade Orders - Georgia Militia
  • 1817-1818
  • Militia Notice
  • Georgia Regimental Orders
Georgia Campaigns
  • Capt. Alexis in Mobile AL
  • Capt. Samuel Dyson
  • General Jackson
  • General John Floyd of Georgia Militia in 1813
  • Major Alexander of Milledgeville: Indian Expedition
  • Major Morgan. His Report
  • List of Deserters
  • William Sanders of Wilkes County
Battles (Newspaper Accounts)
  • Bladenburg, Maryland
  • Bridgewater, Canada
  • Champlain Frontier, VT, NY
  • Fort Erie, Ontario
  • French Mills, Boston, MA destroyed 1813
  • Invasion in the West
  • Malden, MA, Capture of
  • Naval Victory
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Brown's Army, Plattburg, NY
  • Stonington, Bombardment
  • St. Mary's, GA
  • Privates in 8th US Infantry
  • British Defeated (1815)
  • British Sign Peace Treaty March 3, 1815
  • Campaigns Ended
  • US Creditors of War of 1812

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