Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What is Jamestown Weed? #northcarolinapioneers #northcarolinaancestors

What is Jamestown Weed?

Jimson WeedAccording to John Lawson who traveled North Carolina in 1711, there is a weed called "James-Town-Weed". The seed was described as being similar to that of an onion and was declared as an excellent cure for burns and inflammations. However, taken inwardly brought on a sort of drunken Madness. Lawson said that one of the Marsh-Weeds, like a Dock, had the same affect. The Red-Root whose Leaf is like Spear-Mint, is good for Thrushes and sore Mouths; Camomil, but it must be kept in the Shade, otherwise it will not thrive; Housleek first from England; Vervin; Night-Shade, several kinds; Harts-Tongue; Yarrow abundance, Mullein the same, both of the Country; Sarsaparilla, all of which was not a hundredth part of what remained in his view. Source: A New Voyage to Carolina by John Lawson

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