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When Purchasing a Home Does the Deed Mention your Origin? #georgiapioneers #familyhistory

When you Purchase a Home does the Deed Mention your Origin?

Donalson-HarrellYou bet it does! The first line goes like this " John Smith of Fulton County, Georgia." Put a red flag on this because it provides a key clue to discovering where the ancestors were from. As one moves from county to county, state to state, it gives this vital clue. Theoretically, you can trace the ancestors back many years simply by finding the documents where they purchased and sold property. There are the witnesses to the documents to consider as these were friends and relatives. Then there were "Gift Deeds" wherein the children were left acreage and other items where the father was dividing up his farms among his children before he died. Another important item to be searched for in the deed records is " Marriage Contracts." Such documents were usually written when there was a second marriage and the wife wished to retain possession of certain items or properties or designate certain of them to the children by a former spouse.

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      • Index to Early County Marriages 1823-1834
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      Digital Images of Early County Wills 1822-1832
      Testators: Broom, Thomas;Cole, Mark; Curry, Samuel; Gilley, John; Griffith, John; Holmes, Nathaniel; Jackson, Robert; Jackson, Samuel; Kelly, William; Liverman, Brown; McCulloh, Anthony ; McCulloh, Leonard; Porter, Benjamin; Sheffield, Isham ; Smith, Laden; Watson, Alexander
      Digital Images of Early County Wills 1839-1895
      Testators: Alexander, James; Alexander, Martin ;Averitt, Abner; Averitt, Ephaly ;Bailey, William ;Bird, James ;Bryan, Sylvanus ;Bryan, William ;Calhoun, James; Calhoun, William ;Chivers, Larkin ;Coley, Philip ;Collier, Benjamin ;Collier, John ;Cook, W. C. ;Crawford, Joel ;Deal, John ;Dill, Job ;Dixon, Jeremiah ;Douglass, Elisha ;Ford, William ;Freeman, James ;Gilbert, John ;Glenn, James ;Goocher, Milton ;Grier, Moses ;Griffin, William ;Grimsley, Joseph ;Grimsley, Lewis ;Grimsley, Sarah ;Grist, Martha ;Harrell, Jane ;Harris, Joshua ;Haynes, Thomas ;Hays, Mary ; Hightower, Joel ;Holmes, Richard ;Howell, Edward ;Hutchins, Anthony ;Hutchins, Henry ;Hutchins, Jefferson ;Johnson, Joshua ;Jones, Thomas ;Knight, William ;Lee, Clem; Lee, Zadock ;Lewis, Mathew ;Lundy, Mary ;Mercier, Elizabeth ;Mercier, George ;Odum, Charity ;Parramore, Susannah ;Perry, Elizabeth ;Perry, Joel; Pirkle, Richard ;Powell, Coleman ;Powell, Hiram ;Powers, Sarah ;Reese, Hillman ;Ritchie, James ;Robertson, James ;Sammons, William ;Sanders, Mark ;Shackelford, Harriet ;Shackelford, James ;Taylor, James Jones ;Temples, Frederick; Thompson, Robert; Wade, William ;Wilson, Solomon; Yeldell, Robert
      Indexes to Probate Records
      • Index to Early County Will Bk B, 1839-1895.
      • Index to Early County Will Bk 2, 1896-1941.
      Miscellaneous Wills
      • Estate of Bealer, Alex W. (1919) (image).

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