Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Are you Part-Cherokee? #georgiapioneers #georgiaancestors

Cherokee Descendants

trail of tearsHave you ever been told that you descend from a Cherokee princess? This is a common tale which swings around the genealogy world with great driving force. However, a search of various Indian Rolls is much more instructive. If the name of an ancestor does not appear on one of those Rolls, forget it! Furthermore, the Dawes Rolls of 1903 collected over 32,000 applications of those who thought that they were at least 1/32nd Indian descent. This is because the land in the State of Oklahoma was being deeded to descendants of those Natives who were at least 1/32nd kin. The reading of those applicants mostly clarifies one truth: and that is, that very few of the applicants in 1903 proved kinship. 

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