Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Discovering Lost Records #georgiapioneers #genealogy

Discovering Lost Records

discoveringThe county clerks kept records of every transaction in the county. That is why researching county records is so important to finding the ancestors, or learning more about them. In this modern age, one does not always find old records at the court house. That is because they have been moved to a storage location. I have found that the employees are not necessarily aware of the existence of old wills, estates, marriages and deeds, much less storage. Luckily, we have microfilmed records, more and more of which are going online. Did you notice that certain counties burned down and the records were lost? Unfortunately, this common experience affects all genealogists. However, I have discovered old court house ledgers in antique shops! How did they get there? Why, they were found in an attic somewhere. It was sometimes common practice for the clerk to take his ledgers home to finish his work. How will we ever get to see these ledgers? The answer for now is the internet. This is the place where unexpected information is posted. Otherwise, while out on a field trip, it is a good idea to question neighbors and keep an eye out for a good find! 

Dawson County Georgia Genealogy Records
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