Thursday, February 22, 2018

Patriots of the Past were your Ancestors #georgiapioneers #georgiaancestors

Patriots of the Past

American FlagContrary to some of the trash being written today about our patriots, our ancestors were seeking religious liberties and freedom from persecution. They were brave, gallant people who were inspired of God, and who suffered much to immigrate to America. Further, actual records exist such as the Journal of Christopher Columbus. Today, he is depicted as a scum-bag who raped natives in the isles. Yet, his Journal (now translated into English) reveals that Columbus, a devout Catholic, felt inspired of God to find the new continent. The defamers did not stop there. They trashed almost all of the founders of this country including Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence. A simple reading of the founding documents reveals a powerful belief in God and freedom for all. Their beliefs were so strong that they put their own wealth into the war, only to be bankrupt at the end. Because we did not walk in their shoes nor fight their battles, we must not defame those who came before us. They were family. 

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