Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pension Records Help Genealogists #georgiapioneers #georgiaancestors

Pension Records Help to Educate about Historical Events

Ft. MorrisJohn Sharp of Tattnall County was at the siege of Savannah under General McIntosh, and at Fort Morris when Colonel John McIntosh responded to a demand to surrender with the defiant words "Come and take it!" In his pension, Sharp stated that he was at the battle of White House in Liberty County. He must have meant that he was involved in the skirmish surrounding Fort Morris. The details of the battles of the Revolutionary War Pensions deserve to be researched in order to clarify the service of the soldier. 

Lewis Hall from North Carolina served as a Lieutenant in the North Carolina Troops during the Revolutionary War and was wounded during the seige of Charleston, captured by the British and put in prison. At some point, he was released and rejoining the patriots served until the end of the war. Afterwards, he settled in Tattnall County. 

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