Monday, February 12, 2018

Pirate Treasures in North Carolina #northcarolinapioneers

The Pirate Treasures of Elizabeth City

Blackbeard houseFebruary 1719. Letter from Alexander Spotswood To my Lord Cartwright concerning the dangers threatening the neighborhood and the rescue of trade in North Carolina from the insults of pirates. "That about the beginning of last June, one Capt. Thatch, a Notorious Pyrate, refused to accept of his Majesty's pardon offered him by the Governor of South Carolina about eight days before he Lost his Ship at Topsall Inlett, with one of the four Sloops he had in his Company, upon w'ch he and his Crew pretend to Surrender to the Governor of No. Carolina, most of his people dispersed, some going towards Pensilvania and New York, and others betaking themselves to their former Villanies, under the Command of Major Bonnet Thatch, w'th about 20 more, remained in No. Carolina, and kept one of the Sloops, pretending to Employ themselves in Trade, but both their discourses and Actions plainly show'd the  more

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