Friday, February 23, 2018

The Difference between Truth and Error #georgiapioneers #genealogy

The Difference between Truth and Error

scratching headSometimes we get carried away in our quest to find the ancestors. Although the information coming from relatives is usually flawed, we can use the data as clues to discerning the real facts. Hopefully, the world of fake sites will not find its way into genealogy. And, DNA results from various companies may not deter us from examining actual written records of each era. The moment in which data (marriages, wills, etc.) is recorded is far more accurate than twenty, thirty years or a hundred years later when someone takes a guess at it. What I am saying is that we should look more to the era in which the event occurred, rather than a book or documentary written later. This goes for genealogy and history. You may have noticed that history is being re-written in the most defamatory manner. Tracing the ancestors unfolds events pertinent to the lives and times of those who lived it. That is why civil war pensions and revolutionary war pensions are so revealing. You want to know more about the battles? The experiences of soldiers were written on the applications, in their own hand-writing. Also, they frequently copied their bible record into the application. There are so many reason that we should read the actual documents. Old wills and estates provide even more personal data, including the details of home-life. It is fun to learn the names of the next generation; however, gratifying to learn of the contributions of families to American freedom. 

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