Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Land of Calhoun #genealogy #georgiapioneers

The Land of Calhoun

Creek IndianCalhoun County was a result of the first land lottery of 1820, This popular lottery was available to all ordinary citizens and especially to veteran Revolutionary soldiers. Because of his service, despite the act that he may have already drawn a lucky lot as an ordinary citizen in 1805 or 1807, he was allowed another draw in the lottery of 1820. If the soldier had not taken an extra draw, they were allowed two more in this lottery. The division of lands used for this lottery were surveyed and completed until the first Monday in May 1827. Meanwhile, the Creeks continued to raid and impose themselves upon those who had settled there. The Lower Creeks finally relinquished their title to the lands in Georgia and later, in 1832, the last of the Cherokees were driven out of Georgia. 

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