Sunday, February 25, 2018

Think of the Internet as a Genealogy Vault #georgiapioneers #onlinegeorgiarecords

Think of the Internet as a Genealogy Vault

vaultThe technology of the internet moves civilization forward and is a blessing because it is where we discover forgotten members of the family and more about our past. And, it is a place to post important genealogy data. As time moves forward and more people share their family histories, the internet will contain the most valuable documents on earth. All that we need to do is to continue to share and add our information (no matter how trivail) to lasting websites. Initially at the first onset of the user experience, there was a rush of family group sheets added from computer programs. However, most of those have been taken down. Therefore, it is important that we post our information on more than one website. All over the Nation there are public libraries with a surprising amount of file folders containing family genealogy. I have found that people are still donating some pretty interesting to libraries and archives. Hopefully, the data will be digitized on library websites. Actually, local libraries are beginning to write their own websites and (for now) contains only a small amount downloadable data (usually out-of-date books). How much genealogy will bes digitized and preserved on the internet is a question of budget. We should continue to be supportive with our genealogy donations and attend local libraries. I have personally gathered and preserved a great deal of genealogical data over the years and those books which I published are contained as databases on my genealogy websites, viz: Georgia PioneersKentucky Pioneeers North Carolina Pioneers South Carolina Pioneers Southeastern Genealogy and Virginia Pioneers

Fulton County Georgia Genealogy Records

Find your Ancestors in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

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