Friday, March 16, 2018

Genealogy. How the Bearded Iris Dates American Farms #southcarolinapioneersnet

How the Bearded Iris Dates American Farms

bearded irisThere are simply a lot of ways to determine the age of an old house, or farm. As the seasons change and we take our sabatical into the country, it is easy to identify the era encompassing the old farm house. How? Why, by the flowers. Just as there are fads in clothing, automobiles and the like, certain flowers were popular in the olden days. Take for example the bearded iris plant. Its first known popularity was when King Thutmose III conquered Syria and brought back the Iris rhizome to live forever in his garden. And during the 1600s the beautiful Iris was brought to American gardens. Other popular plants which emerged in almost every farm garden were narcissus (yellow daffodils) with its big ruffled trumpet.  Ancestors in Kershaw Co. SC

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