Saturday, March 17, 2018

Genealogy. John's Gold #georgiapioneers

John's Gold

John's GoldDuring the War Between the States one of my ancestors, John Chambliss, resided near Macon, Georgia. When he heard news of the yankees coming through, he ran out into the garden and buried several quart jars of gold, or so the story goes. One of his sons was shown the spot before the family saddled up and left the area. After the war, there was talk of the gold, however, no one did anything until about 1880 when a nephew returned to the old home place and dug in the garden. It looked as though most of the quart jars had already been removed, however, he did discover several jars of coins which he took to the bank. It counted out to several hundred dollars. Goes to show you that searching out the relatives is not a bad idea!
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