Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How Facebook Issues Affect our Genealogy #georgiapioneers

Facebook and Genealogy

For awhile, genealogy was running strong on FB.  But suddenly FB cut back its organic reach, which means that less of our messages are being delivered.  In 2017, they delivered to about 7% of your network.  This year started off with a bang, delivering to only 1%.  The theme is that if you want your messages delivered to more people in your network, you have to boost the messages.  That means that Zuckerberg's brain child has gotten greedy. Now that you have build a network for yourself, all of that data belongs to FB, and they deliver when they choose to do so. Too, there are some other ichy things going on, like manipulation of the data.  Zuckerberg has his own ideas as to who should view our posts, and whether or not we should receive certain political news.  Most of the genealogy questions and comments on my FB page have disappeared.  The high time appears to be over!  Meanwhile, everyone is welcome to post in "comments" of the following blog -
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