Friday, March 30, 2018

Immigrants from the Past did not make Demands #northcarolinapioneers

Immigrants from the Past did not Demand

Burke County North CarolinaNo demands were made of Americans to support migrating families from Europe. The poor, starviing immigrants crossed the seas to America during during the worst times of their life, a potato famine of Ireland. They wanted to warn their way in America. But getting employment was difficult, especially since they were an unwelcome lot to New York. Yet, they struggled to earn a living and to make a better future for their families. The able-bodied Irish rolled up their sleeves and went to work! Life was tough. It tookand many years for the Irish to earn acceptance overcome the obstacles facing them. Yet, they just kept working their way out of poverty ! Recent excavations in that State reveal bodies withour proper burial, thrown into ditches, presumably in the Irish districts. We do not realize how these people suffered the unwillingness of people to hire them. But there is one thing for sure. They did not arrive in American making demanding charity! 

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