Sunday, March 18, 2018

--- Life on Edgewood Avenue during the 1940s--- Mrs. Minx #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Mrs. Minx

hydrangeaDuring the 1940s our next-door neighbor on Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta was and old lady, Mrs. Minx. One afternoon I had the nerve to knock on the front door and ask if I could cut some of her beautiful blue hydrangeas in the front yard. I so admired the delicious blooms which seemed to last all summer. She invited me inside house of a dark rooms. Dark, because the windows were well-draped with curtains. She must have resided in that house for many years, because of the narrow garage in the back which was too small for 1940s automobiles, but probably accommodated the 1915 models! She would not let me cut the flowers, because she said that "they would not keep and would just die!"

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