Sunday, March 18, 2018

--- Life on Edgewood Avenue during the 1940s---Renovations do not always Fit the Era #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Renovations do not always Fit the Era

1890 wallpaperRenovations of old neighborhoods are not exactly what I would call "true to the era." In my old Atlanta neighborhood of the 1890 victorian homes, there was a rush to renovate during the 1970s. Having grown up there, I had friends residing in just about every house in the area. So I remember the dark tiled fireplaces, built in pantries, dark woodwork, stained glass windows on the landing half-way up the stairs. The ceiling of each room had one ugly iron chandlier with two or three light bulbs which was turned on by a button on the wall. Because a ladder was needed to change the light bulb, sometimes, a long string was attached. I could be describing the old Asa Candler home on Elizabeth Street, just as well as any other home. The 1890s colorful flora on wallpaper was usually enclosed by oval fancy designs was hynoptic to those who slept in the bedroom. Oh how I remember the red roses in this particular wallpaper! In some homes the renovators striped away the beautiful tiled fireplaces and mantles leaving a shell of red construction brick. Since there was only one bath in the large victorianhomes, bathrooms were added to the once-beautifully-large individual bedrooms along with extra closets.

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