Thursday, March 22, 2018

Proving that you are of Cherokee Descent #georgiapioneers

Proving that you are of Cherokee Descent

Etowah MoundsFor those persons who are disappointed that in the DNA results so far as being kin to Cherokee Indians (or any other tribe), first of all (1) each company takes different samples and (2) it is doubtful that they visited the tribes and acquired samples from the 5 Civilized Tribes. Also, proving lineage is exceedingly difficult. The Creeks started keeping a Roll (of members) in 1818 herokees, when they were removed from Georgia. The Cherokees, centralized in NC, TN and GA appeared on an 1830 Census, however, with "Indian" names. From 1832 on, there are several rolls which can be examined. Further, around 1903, the US Government decided to give title to Oklahoma lands to anyone having at least 1/32nd Cherokee blood and implemented a program called "the Dawes Rolls." To prove blood-kinship, applicant had to submit documentation. There were over 32,000 applications. A very large percentage of these applications were rejected. Applicants had to connect to a Cherokee listed on one of its rolls, not hearsay, or family tales. As far as white people marrying Indians, this practice was frowned upon by European women brought into the colonies. Certain of the Indian traders married Indians in the early days, however, and were not allowed to resided amongst the settlers. When the Indians were driven west, these white men either stayed behind or journeyed west.

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