Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Scotch-Irish in Guilford County : List of Ancestors #ncancestors #northcarolinapioneers

The Scotch-Irish in Guilford County

Early settlers to Guilford County were the families of Albright, Clapp, Cobb, Coble, Foust, Holt, Keim, Lineberger, Sharp, Sharps, Shoffner, Strader, Summers, Reitzell, Whitsells, Whitsetts and the Wyricks. In West Guilford were the families of Armfield, Beasons, Chipman, Coffins, Elliott, Edwards, Gardners, Horney, Mendenhall, Pugh, Starbuck, Stanley and Welborn. The central area of the county was settled by a large migration of Scotch-Irish settlers who had come into the country by way of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; while another group came from Charleston, South Carolina. Also, the Nottingham Company of Pennsylvania purchased a large tract of land on the Buffalo and Reedy Fork Creeks. These were the blue-stocking Presbyterians. "From the stock of Scotch-Irish in the north of Ireland," say Hawks, Swain and Graham in their History of the Revolution, page 51, "came the Carolina immigrants. They reached the place of their settlement by two different avenues of approach; the one portion came to America by the Delaware River, landing in Philadelphia; the other touched our shores at Charleston, South Carolina. They struck into the fertile country of Virginia, and in Carolina the two tides of migration met. The line of their settlements across the whole state from North Carolina to Virginia may be traced through Charlotte, Concord, Salisbury, Lexington, Greensboro, Milton and the head waters of the Roanoke." "Our forefathers," says Dr. C. H. Wiley in his address on the Centennial of Alamance Church, "came not as adventurers or hunters, not as outlaws and wanderers, but as intelligent men, with good worldly substance, with implements of industry, with civilization and the church."   List of Guilford Co. NC Ancestors

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