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The Trail of the Scotch-Irish into Burke Co. NC #northcarolinapioneers

The Trail of the Scotch-Irish into Burke County

1752 Fry Jefferson MapThe Scotch-Irish began migrating in large numbers to America during the early 1700s, as did the Germans. Before the American Revolution, it is estimated that 3000 to 4000 Irish had arrived at the port of Philadelphia. Because of language and dialects, settlers made their homes among their own kind in Bucks, Berks and Lancaster Counties. The genealogist should examine these county records as well as those in Philadelphia. I would also suggest researching Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy because some immigrants were seeking other religions before moving into western Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia , North Carolina and Kentucky. The early 1700s was a great exploration era through the Blue Ridge and Alleghany Mountains. The Boone families lived among a community of Irish Quakers in Philadelphia. I believe Daniel Boone's grandfather (George) was one of them, and they had substantially large families. Daniel was not the only member of the family who crossed through Virginia into Kentucky. His uncle Squire Boone lived for a time in western Virginia (Augusta County, later Botetourt) while others went further west. Some Scots first settled in Chester County (later Lancaster County) Pennsylvania before moving on as far west as Ohio. During this time Native Indian tribes occupied the territories between Virginia and Ohio, yet settlers continued to flow into the region. The Treaty of 1744 provided the colonists with the right to settle along the Indian Road, however the Indian Wars (1756-1763) stopped settlers. Afterwards, however, they came in great numbers going south of the Shenandoah Valley to the Roanoke River and the town of Big Lick. From that point, a new road was cut, called "Wilderness Road" which led into Kentucky and ending at the Ohio River where the Shawnee had their stronghold. The trail of the Scotch-Irish was along the Great Wagon Road through Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. Burke County, North Carolina was a major settlement.

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