Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ultimately, How will we Stack Up? #georgiapioneers

Ultimately, How will we Stack Up?
1864. Davis Smith Plantation in Brent, Georgia
The home featured is that of Davis Smith who hid from the yankees in one of the trees in the yard. He was afraid that they would hear his gold watch ticking. Had they caught the old man, he would have been taken prisoner. All of his sons died in war, and the rest of the family lived together in this old house until about 1900 when they removed to Atlanta to get work. These sort of things happen to everybody.
The stuff that we are made of literally flows through our veins. Our DNA is a blueprint of ourselves which may be traced back in time to our ancestors. And we are a mixture of many individuals who played their roles in history. Siblings born of the same parents possess features from a variety of ancestors, and the dosage is not equal. Although it is quite interesting to discover the origin of our features, statue, and personality traits while viewing old photographs (everyone should do this), the more interesting aspect of it is the decisions made in the face of adversity. No generation escapes trouble, for all are tested. We share many common elements of those past lives, viz: war, religious beliefs, immigration, marriages, divorce, death and so on. And our trials of today run a pretty close parallel to those of the past. After it is all done, scholars write a history of those days.  ,,, more ...

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