Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Sinister View of the Past #georgiapioneers

A Sinister View of the Past

In today's world of sharing, there is a great deal of inaccurate historical information floating around.  I am simply in a state of shock noting how the History Channel is twisting our history into something dark and sinister.  What is behind this sort of thinking?  Certain political movements are determined to blot out the past and make our ancestors out to the monsters.  Why does the lifestyles and decisions of past generations make people of today uncomfortable?  And how is it that we are supposed to be ashamed of the brave  immigrants who crossed the seas, fought wars and established more genteel times?   The struggles of our ancestors should be applauded because they were preparing a better future for their children. And we should be glad that their troubles found relief and that we do not have to deal with them today.

The other day I was reading about Tom Woolfolk in an old 1887 issue of the Atlanta Journal. Tom lived in south Georgia and was accused of killing nine members of his family with an axe and put on trial for murder.  The newspapers carried a horrendous account of every detail and it was obvious that Georgians were electrified by the dastardly deed.  The press nicknamed him "Bloody Woolfolk" and almost everyone believed that Tom was guilty.  It was said that he was greatly troubled and mentally disturbed. The trial lasted for months, and finally in December, Tom was sentenced to death. He was hanged in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. 

In light of the mass murderers who are killing our students at the schools (and other places), perhaps it is proper to make a comparison.  The atrocities of today are not profiled by the media as "terrorists".   Here is terrorism at its finest, and yet the media defends evil as though it were a knitting party!  They attempt to change history before the full truth emerges and a clear pattern exists of defending evil.

The human experience continues.  Want to read more about killings?  The old newspapers are replete with horror stories. What is different between yesterday and today?  And why should we tear down monuments documenting historical events or persons as though it never happened?
In conclusion, this generation is standing aside observing nightmarish events while its horrors are gleefully reported by the media and stretched into a very large mole hill.  Facts are distorted and honest reporting is almost non-existent.  If our ancestors were horrible people, then, how will history explain this generation?  Huh? 

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