Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Are you Kin to the Bacon Families, the Philosophers? #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Are you Kin to the Bacon Families, the Philosophers?

Sir Francis BaconAnyone who is a Bacon is probably a descendant of the family dating back to Sir James Bacon of Friston Hall in Kent, England. James Bacon, born 1595 in London, Middlesex County, died 6 November 1649 in Burgate Parish, Suffolk County. It was his son, Thomas Bacon of Suffolk, England, who came to Virginia and settled in Westmoreland County. The lineage includes some interesting influential characters, such as Nathaniel Bacon of Virginia who organized Bacon's Rebellion against local marauding Indians, and was later killed for it by the Royal Governor, unwilling to act himself. Du ring a fight with the royal army, Jamestown as burned to the ground! Hmmm. No records were left for us genealogists. Then there is Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England, philosopher, statesman, scientist jurist, orator and author. He was the intellectual figure of his times. Historians surmised that he was, in fact, Shakespeare because no one else of the age could not have written such brilliant plays. This genealogy was tediously traced back to 1300, and is available to members in the "genealogy vault" of Georgia Pioneers

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