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Are you Kin to the Camps of America? #georgiapioneers

Are you Kin to the Camps of America?
Burrell Marion Camp

Sometime ago I visited the old Camp home near Island Ford, North Carolina, but had to dig through the weeds to locate the old tombstone of Thomas Camp,  (1717-1798), progenitor of the Camps in America.
The old two-story house was a treasure in itself, and it was easy to imagine all of the children bundled up in their particular rooms, or shed rooms.  The staircase was very narrow, because people did not allow much room for a staircase like the ones depicted in the movies. There was the business of living. 
This prolific family traces its roots from England to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Thomas (above) settled in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He had 12 children by his first wife and 12 by his second wife. No matter where they settled, the Camps were pillars of the community, many of them Baptist and Methodist preachers. Prominent Virginia families associate with the Camps, such as Sherwood, Marshall and Tarpley.
A colorful character was Burrell Marion Camp (pictured), a Missionary Baptist preacher of 40 years at the High Shoals Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Georgia where he preached hell and brimstone. His church was a one-room building located on High Shoals in Dallas, which also doubled for a school. And the members were baptised under a waterfall, just steps away from the old cemetery where he is buried.  The fully traced genealogy is available to members of  Georgia Pioneers

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