Friday, April 6, 2018

Blogging is a Safe Haven for Genealogists to Share Information #virginiapioneersnet #genealogy

Blogging is a Safe Haven for Genealogists to Share Information

Never mind Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Blogging is returning as a safe medium. It is a desirable medium of organic reach because the blog is singly-controlled by its owner. Comments can be allowed and moderated. It is faster to comment on a blog, than to plow through dozens of unwanted junk on the media. Also, it is easily installed in the iphone. Simply type the website address on the address line of safari. Then go to the "up arrow" at the bottom of the iphone. Click on that and choose "add to home screen". The result is quick. No going to the ap store and providing your password, thumb print or phone number. The ap is wonderful because you can scan the articles or click on "view web version". Rather than an Ap which is a trimmed-down version of a web page, you get the real thing. Genealogy blogs generally have large audiences. Some subscribers receive via email, while others view blog articles in other venues such as the respected Linkedin. And still better, is viewing the blog of your choice on your iphone. Genealogy History Blogpublishes several articles per day, provides tips and provides a broad spectrum of information for the historian and genealogist. It currently has over 1,000 viewers per day, and growing. Won't you come join us?  Greene Co. VA Ancestors

Find your Ancestors in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, Subscribe for 1-year

Hope that you join the "Genealogy History" blog and leave your comments to help others searching for their ancestors.

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