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Constructing the "Deliverance" and the "Patience" #virginiapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Constructing the "Deliverance" and the "Patience"

Point ComportWhile waiting for help from Virginia, Sir George Somers and Sir Thomas Gates decided to build a pinnace. The charge was given to Richard Frobisher, an experienced shipwright. The only wood on the island that could be used for timber was cedar and that was too brittle for making good planks. Thus, the beams of the pinnace beams were constructed of oak from the wrecked ship, as were some planks in her bow, with all the rest being cedar. It too six months for the 40-foot keel was complete. Old cables that had been preserved furnished the oakum. One barrel of pitch and another of tar had been saved. Lime was made by mixing shells and a hard white stone and burning it a kiln, then slaked with fresh water and tempered with tortoise oil. Three months later the pinnace was launched, unrigged, and towed to a little island having easier access to the sea, the channel being deep enough to float her when masts, sails and all her trim had been placed on her. When the vessel was launched successfully, the governed named her The Deliverance". Late in November, and still with no word from Virginia, Sir George Somers became convinced that the pinnace which Frobisher was building would not be sufficient to transport all the men, women, and children from Bermuda to Virginia. He consulted with Sir Thomas Gates, the Governor, who approved his plan of building another pinnace which would require two carpenters and twenty men to work under Frobisher. The keel laid was twenty-nine feet in length, the beam fifteen feet and a half; she was eight feet deep and drew six feet of water, and was of thirty tons capacity. Sir George Somers launched her on the last day of April and brought her from the building bay in the main island into the channel where the "Deliverance" was moored. After nine months working on the ships, the men whose stout determination it was to finish the voyage they had begun nine months earlier, set sail in the two pinnaces on May 10, 1610, and after eleven days, arrived at Point Comfort. Names of Elizabeth City County Virginia Ancestors

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