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Sam Wiegand
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Famous how?
My great-great grandmother was Grace Chisholm Young, the first woman to receive any doctorate in Germany, in mathematics. Her husband William Henry Young was another (somewhat) field-famous mathematician. Grace died just under a year before my grandmother, also a female mathematician, was born.
My other great-great grandmother on that side was a notable doctor, one of the first female ones in Britain. I recall reading information about her, but whether it was from family or from the Internet is beyond me. I have old scanned photographs somewhere.
Grace had six children. One died in WWI, two were mathematicians, one was a doctor, one a chemist, and one an engineer. It seems likely they had some renown in their fields, but I have been unable to find most of them.
Interestingly, my sister and I are some of the only young descendants of this line. My grand-grandfather was Laurence Chisholm Young, and from him we have no cousins or even second cousins. There may be a few third or fourth cousins living in Britain, but I only know of cousins once-or-twice removed, and only a few. This was a wealthy and academic family; they had relatively few children.
More recently, my father also has a Wikipedia page for his hobby, professional gaming. I am not linking it for privacy reasons, but it is not impossible to find.
All I know about my paternal grandfather’s heritage is that they were German and probably scholarly. There might be lurking references on the web, but I don't know for sure.
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