Monday, April 9, 2018

Errors in the Ancestral Charts of Others #kentuckypioneers #kyancestors #kygenealogy

Errors in the Ancestral Charts of Others

flowersSometimes genealogists get lost in the fine print, thinking that a blurb or two does not help the tracing. However, as the work goes forward, one might wonder about that fine print. Who were the witnesses on the deeds and how did they fit into the equation? Or, who was on the adjacent tombstone again? Most people spend their lifetime searching for ancestors. It is a tedious, yet rewarding and worthwhile endeavor. What we really need to watch for is the "errors out there" being floated around by researchers. One must confirm and verify before accepting information from other people onto their chart. The reason is that one little item could throw us into a tail-spin of confusion and completely off-track. Also, it is a good idea to double-check our own entries, to make certain that dates and places are accurate. Ancestors in Fleming Co. KY

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