Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Every Sunday a Drive to the Country #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Every Sunday a Drive to the Country

1870 halltreeAs a child packed into an old buick automobile, I wondered what the attraction was in the country. It was something important, because sure enough every Sunday my father drove us there. As far as I could tell, "the country" was narrow winding roads and red clay hills. Later, when I examinied photographs of the old homeplace, I began to remember my grandparents. And the time that us children waited in the hall. I sat on the hard wooden seat of the hall tree, wondering what was taking so long. It was grandpa. He was sick from influenza. He ran the local merchandise store for the community of McPherson and a neighbor needing something from the store, persuaded grandpa to open. Seems he took grandpa down to the store in a wheel barrow and got his groceries. Grandpa was unable to shake the flu, and later died. The death stirred up a conversation concerning grandma. They had just moved into the new house when she crawled into bed and was bitten by a wharf rat. In those days, people set traps to kill the large rats which plagued the community. Grandma was quite ill from fever, and died at the young age of thirty. She left three small boys, one being my father. Now that I look back on our Sunday drive to the country, I understand. When someone is gone, all that is left is the old place in the country. Paudling Co. GA Ancestors. See Names.

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