Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Facial Recognition in the Genealogy World

Facial Recognition in the Genealogy World

Photo from tintype made into negative and oil painted
which enabled me to identify him as a younger-version of my ggrandfather
The emerging facial recognition software is going to develop into a great tool for genealogists.  There are za-zillions of old unidentified persons in photographs.  We pull them out of the drawer and try to remember or figure out who that person was. A sophistocated facial recognition software program could compare old photographs with ourselves and other family members.  It would recognize that one has the same high cheek bones as Uncle Gene, and so on, further back in the lineage.  We will see ourselves differently, as children of a long lineage of humans who shared the same characteristics.   Instead of saying that I acquired my big ears from Aunt Hettie, I will say that the big ears originally from the Scottish highlander aspect of y family.  See what I mean?
In addition, facial recognition will be prevalent in security situations in our daily transactions, such as our borders and airports where the software could scan millions of faces daily all over the world and assemble facial databases of dangerous persons and prevent them from entering the country or getting on an airplane.

More help is coming as Genealogy teaches into the technical world! 

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