Thursday, April 19, 2018

Genealogy. Do you Believe the Movies? #georgiapioneers

Do you Believe the Movies?

Fitzgerald PlantationThere has to be a certain appreciation for those who came before us. From sunup to sundown, they labored on the farm. No, everyone did not have a mansion such as Scarlett O'Hara's Tara. The wealthiest of planters in Georgia did not have mansions, rather oridinary farm houses. The effort went into crops which would feed the family and the community and still be some to sell product left to sell at auction. From the beginning, with General Oglethorpe, the colony was an investment of intrepreneaurs wishing to establish a silk industry and when this failed, King George claimed the colony. Not until 1752, then, were land grants issued by the King to promote a waning agricultural economy which significently trailed that of Virginia and South Carolinans. The large mansions depicted in Gone with the Wind were few and far between. Pictured is an example of the home of a prosperous planter, Fitzgerald during antebellum days. Just an old farm house! The exaggeration in the movie leaves the impression of a glamourous wealthy South in one of the poorest farm states! Margaret Mitchell and her husband laughed and laughed when they saw Cecil B. de Mille's version of soldiers lying on the railroad track in Atlanta, saying there weren't that many soldiers in the entire state! See Names of your Ancestors in Dougherty Co. GA

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