Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Genealogy. Spring is the Time for Genealogy Trips! #northcarolinapioneers

Spring is the Time for Genealogy Trips!

dogwood treesAn enjoyable outing is visiting places where the ancestors once resided. Sure, there are lots of historical mansions in Virginia and Europe used as show-places to visitors, but what I mean is an old home or farm place once occupied by English, Scotch-Irish or German emigrants who ventured to America and left their mark. One can visualize "the mark" by walking the old farm, looking at the well, the barn, and what remains of a rustic two-story home with chimneys and shed rooms. Somewhere in the weeds and among the sprawling oak trees, there may be the remains of a neglected grave, or the rope from an old swing. Treasures, to someone.  See Names of Lincoln Co. NC Ancestors

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